Discover the 7 reasons

Young livestock don't thrive

Avoid the common mistakes even experienced lifestyle farmers make

Vet Dr Sez in video

Nothing beats a good start to life - if young animals don't thrive then they're likely to be sickly for the rest of their lives.

In this practical and information-packed webinar you will learn how to:

  • Understand what can go wrong and how to guard against it

  • Recognise the early signs of a problem and act quickly

  • Diagnose and treat all the problems - including the hidden ones

  • Avoid making the simple mistakes that lead to major problems

  • Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with very sick young animals

  • ...and much more...


The MORE YOU KNOW about lifestyle farming


If you're new to lifestyle farming or an old hand, this is for you! Let NZ veterinarian Dr Sez and lifestyle guru Kate Brennan guide you though the most common problems that lifestyle farmers face when raising young animals.

Save time

Save money

Do it right

Vet Dr Sez has helped countless lifestyle farmers with practical advice on keeping happy, healthy animals. Join us in this webinar for her top tips.

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