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Online courses for Kiwi lifestyle farmers

LSB training will teach you how to:

Choose the animals that best suit your block, understand from the start what you're getting into

Understand the legal requirements you need to know to keep livestock in NZ (avoid hefty fines)

Avoid costly mistakes by understanding your animals and what they need

Know when you need to get help - and when you don't - make the important decisions with confidence

Understand what's normal so you can act fast when things aren't normal

Plan for success right from the start and avoid nasty surprises

Enjoy your dream knowing your animals are happy and healthy

Learn how to care for older animals, to ensure your animals live to a healthy old age



If you're new to lifestyle farming start here:

Before you take a leap into the unknown, learn the essentials about keeping livestock. What each species needs, what the law says, what you'll need and how not to break the bank!

What you need to know to keep


Dig in deeper here:

What you need to know to keep


What you need to know to keep


What you need to know to keep


What you need to know to keep



Health & Husbandry


Health & Husbandry



Giving injections

Sheep breeding

Breeding & Genetics

Cattle breeding

Latest course

Cattle breeding


I highly recommend the LSB courses

I realised that having good information in one location from someone I can trust was far better than constantly trying to find information.

The other good thing about the courses is that they are New Zealand based and therefore the information is relevant to me.

I have found the courses to be very informative. They not only cover topics that help you keep your animals happy and healthy but also cover legal requirements which, when it comes to cattle, are very important to know.

by Katie

Really helpful tips, especially the visuals or videos attached

Really great, love how it is broken into smaller modules and can work on at your own pace. Really helpful tips, especially the visuals or videos attached.

Since completing the course we have added shelter for the flock, a foot trough in the yards and a ramp for getting sheep onto a trailer all which have made it easier to manage the animals.

It's a very easy and informative way to learn a lot about your animals or even if you are considering getting some it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

by Cam

The course was even better than I had hoped for.

Very easy to follow and quite comprehensive. It covers so much and some topics that I hadn’t though of or found much info on.

Being able to go back and redo parts of the course is very helpful plus the fact that I can go back at anytime and refresh my memory is most helpful…at my age 😊

The course is great for new herd owners and also, I believe that experienced herd owners will find a few things in it that they might have forgotten or not known.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who owns or plans to own cattle.

by Richard

About us

Dr Sez

Lifestyle veterinarian

Dr Sez is a lifestyle block vet, with a passion for caring for the backyard farm pet.

Born and raised on a lifestyle block, she grew up around goats, sheep, chooks, horses and more, developing a passion for caring for and bettering the welfare of our farm animals from a young age.

Dr Sez initially studied animal behaviour, further fuelling her passion, before returning to New Zealand to become a qualified vet. She now works with the many lifestyle blocks of the South Auckland region and runs the YouTube channel ‘Sez the Vet’, airing interesting and topical weekly episodes on the health of your farm animals.

Kate Brennan


Kate has been a lifestyle farmer for over 25 years and has been editor of since it launched in April 2000.

As editor, Kate has worked with veterinarians, farmers, academics and experts to provide accurate, NZ-based information to lifestyle farmers.

Starting on a 4 acre block, Kate now farms angora goats and cattle on a 220 acre Northland block.

Kate doesn't appear on-screen very often but works with Dr Sez on writing and producing the courses.

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